Fast Working Poison Building dramatic intensity, feeling the fear and threat. Suspense thriller openwing with urgency added with strings from 1:27 Middle Of East Insistent and breath-taking gravity. Features driving rock rhythms with a hard guitar riff. Breaks down and build back from 1:08 Punishing Landscape Mental toughness through a harsh landscape. Acoustic guitar hovers around pulsating drones and ominous bamboo FLute. Distant Heartbreak Longing and emotive moment. Sad and reFLective, featuring an intimate acoustic guitar lead. Propulsive movement at 1:45 Relentless Scorch Restless intent with real urgency. Middle-eastern inFLuenced hybrid featuring vocals, ouds, various guitars and building percussive drive. Dangerous Steps Shadowy and cinematic danger. Suspense opening is replaced by a relentless rock riff and eerie vocal wail. Explosive moment at 1:46 First Light Deception At a crossroad with an uncertain future. Ghostly vocal wails, intimate bamboo FLute and intimate acoustic guitars sit over pad drones. Chased By The Past The hunt is on. Dramatic soundtrack features a pressing hard rock riff with world instrumentation. Break with urgent build from 0:59 Sad Investigation Suspended by a deep pathos. A FLood of remorse and tragedy, portrayed by a heartfelt acoustic guitar lead aided by deep synth pads. Incite The Fight On the offence with revenge in mind. Angry and angsty hard rock guitar riff with wild FLute improvisations. Builds to an end climax. Long Road Home An unresolved situation. Haunting acoustic guitar and mysterious vocal textures FLoat above a wide and ambient synth drones. All tracks written by Steve Sidwell and Adam Goldsmith